About Us

Devoted to Dogs! 

Dog Store & Dog Spa has been running since 2018. There's 6 of us in the Dog Store Family and we all love what we do! 

Chris & Nelly are the Owners. We're a couple who are crazy about canines and passionate about making dog's lives better. When we got our Border Collie puppy, Pete, in 2016 we had a nightmare of a time working out what was good for him, what was unhealthy, what training was best, harness or collar(?), wet, dry or raw food(?), the list goes on. We found it really tough to source good quality advice on what is best for our pup. It's all we wanted! From all of that the Dog Store concept was born! 

We aim to give people somewhere to go to get advice and guidance on all doggy related subjects, without any judgement. Our staff have knowledge in nutrition, training & behaviour, tips & tricks and lots of contacts for local businesses such as Dog Walkers, Sitters and Puppy Schools! We only source safe products and food that will give your dog the best and longest life they can possibly have, and we try our best to make those products as affordable as we can. 

Enough about us, let's talk about our wonderful staff! 

Alice & Julie are our two qualified Dog Groomers. These two are dedicated to ensure dogs are happy and healthy and leave our salon squeaky clean with gorgeous pet hair trims! Their patience is beyond anything I've seen and is kept topped up by those gorgeous furry faces that come into our Spa. Grooming is certainly a skill to be revered: Have you ever tried trimming a dog's face whilst they jump around the table?! The highest of respect to these ladies that perform miracles on a daily basis!

Tom & Frances are our Shop Assistants!

Dogs can do no wrong in Tom's eyes and are magnificent creatures us mere humans will never live up to (his words!). He's a Dog Walker specialising in more troubled dogs that need a helping hand. He helps out at Dog Store in between that and he loves it! Frances has just completed a Degree in Animal Science and completed a dissertation on doggy behaviour. She would love to have a career working with dogs and therefore enjoys working in the Dog Store in her spare time too! These two are the sort of people who are suspicious of anyone that doesn't like dogs

Our staff are what makes Dog Store special, and we are really grateful to have such a wonderful team. We'd love to meet you, so do drop in! In the meantime check out some of our products in our online store, book a groom online, and feel free to fill in a contact form to ask any questions you might have!