Dog Grooming FAQ

How long will my dog's groom take? 

It depends on the breed, size, temperament of the dog and condition of the coat. Usually a small to medium dog such as a cockapoo or a westie will take 1.5 to 2 hours. A large de-shed usually takes around 3 hours. We can advise on a individual basis. Feel free to fill in an enquiry form here if you'd like us to give you a rough time frame for your particular pup.  

At what age do I need to start bringing my dog in for a groom? 

If a dog will need a regular groom for their life, it's so important to get your puppy used to the experience as early as possible. This way they will learn to love it, or be used to it & comfortable with what's happening at the very least! After their last set of vaccinations, when they are safe for walkies, they are good to go! The first groom will be completely free of charge and will be just getting used to us, the sights, smells and noises of the salon. We recommend a few of these grooms (around one per month) and we will work up to a good wash, brush & blow dry, tidy up and nail clipping. Once they are between 6-8 months old (depending on their coat), they will be ready for a stress-free adult groom!

Can I stay to watch my dog being groomed? 

As your dog loves you very much they will wiggle and move around trying to get close to you which is not safe while we are grooming.  It is recommended to drop off your dog at their scheduled appointment time, and then come back when the treatment is finished. We are very happy to show our customers around the Spa and discuss your individual needs if you are particularly nervous (which is totally understandable). You can also give us a call any time during the treatment to find out how your pup is doing.

Will my dog be put in a crate?

No. Your dog will only be with us for as long as we are grooming them so there is no need to crate them. We do have a dog crate with a nice bed in it & some toys. If we are finished and the owner hasn't arrived yet, we let them roam the salon and sometimes dogs choose to sit in the crate with the door open. We only ever put a dog in the crate and shut the door if it's for their own safety, if the customer has specifically requested it, or if the dog wants some space and quiet (some dogs feel more comfortable in a crate). 

My dog is aggressive/hates grooming. Can I still bring them in? 

Our groomers are experienced in dealing with more difficult dogs and can usually get them to a calmer state to complete a groom. Aggression or any type of behavioural issue is usually fear based. If they are really not getting on with us, we won't continue the groom and stress them out unnecessarily. We will recommend the best course of action, which may be a "Groomer Behaviourist" or may be shorter, weekly sessions with us to get them used to us. We can advise based on the individual dog's needs. We have plenty of treats, toys and cuddles to give which usually does the trick! 

You can ensure your dog is less fearful of the groomers by bringing them regularly (we can advise how often is appropriate). It's often handy to simply walk a dog through the salon every now and again which we don't mind you doing - just ask at the till. That way they can get used to our smells and sounds without the ordeal of the entire grooming experience. There are lots of other tips we can share with you - just give us a call or email and we'll talk you through it.  

Any other questions you may have you might find the answer to here. Alternatively fill in our contact form here or call us on 01227 456 195 and we will do our best to help. 


Store FAQ

Why did you open Dog Store? 

We opened Dog Store in March 2018 a couple of years after getting our first puppy. As new dog owners we found it really difficult to source good quality advice from what food to give, to which training advice to follow, and more! All we desperately wanted was somewhere with quality products and experts that could answer our questions without judgement. Dog Store aims to give people somewhere to go to get advice and guidance on all doggy related subjects. Our staff have knowledge in nutrition, training & behaviour, tips & tricks and lots of contacts for local businesses such as Dog Walkers, Sitters and Puppy Schools! We only source safe products and food that will give your dog the best and longest life they can possibly have, and we try our best to make those products as affordable as we can. 

When are you open? 

In non-lockdown/restrictive times we are open at the following times: 

Monday - Saturday, 9.30am-5pm
Sunday - Open select dates only

Where is your store? 

24 Sun Street, Canterbury. CT1 2HX. We are not far from the Canterbury Cathedral entrance - opposite the infamous Kennedy's Shoe Shop and next door to the restaurant Chuck & Blade. Look out for a brown building and we usually have our "Dog Store Open" sign in the road so you don't miss us. Here is a map that might help!

Do you sell dog harnesses? 

Yes! We believe there is no one perfect harness for all dogs, and you must find the one that works for your furry friend. Our favourite harness is the Perfect Fit harness, which can be fitted properly in store. It comes in three parts to fit 'perfectly' to your dog! 

What dog treats do you sell? 

There's a range of treats in store from our natural selection which includes things like rabbit ears, duck necks and pizzles, to healthy dental chews from Soopa Pet & Whimzees, to long lasting treats such as the popular yak chews and "no hide" chews. We also sell some biscuit based treats such as the Lily's Kitchen range. We are careful to ensure our treats are not high in fat, preservatives or fillers so they are all doing some good for your dogs! 

We sell a few cake type treats which are great fun and perfect for a one off Birthday celebration!

What dog food do you sell? 

We sell a range of dog food in a range of different sized bags, tins and trays! Often we only display the smaller bags of food as we lack space, but please ask for a larger bag as we may have one in the stock room. There are also many brands we can get hold of that we don't always have in store. We have a number of customers who order from us on a monthly basis and they have it delivered to their door free of charge. Please use our contact form to find out more here

Dog food in Store  Dog food we can get easily includes (but not limited to): 
Canagan Burns
Lily's Kitchen Most cat foods
Forthglade James Wellbeloved
Barking Heads Arden Grange
McAdams AATU
McKinnells Autarky
Symply Harringtons
Nature's Menu Purina Pro Plan


Fill in our contact form here or call us on 01227 456 195 and we will do our best to help if you have any other questions about our store!