Dog Sitting


Hi there! I'm Jenell, Owner & Groomer at the Dog Spa, and trusted Dog Sitter. 

I look after dogs with all sorts of needs and like to do so in their own home to keep them as settled as possible whilst their guardians are away. I reduce my in-salon hours down to suit your dog and focus my time on admin tasks whilst caring for your dogs at home. Dog walking, fussing and playing are my absolute favourite things to do, so you can rest assured they will have a fantastic time, whilst in the safest hands. 

I am experienced with nervous dogs or dogs with extra needs. I work alongside Behaviourists and Trainers and will only use positive reinforcement with your dog, so you can trust that I won't be using any aversive methods whilst you're away. 

Here's a little about me and my background with dogs. 

I have my own 8 year old Border Collie who demands walkies starting at 5am each morning (which is my pleasure), and has complex dietary needs so I'm used to that. In previous years I have also kept a foster dog with high anxiety and kept him safe despite being a bite risk. 

I engage with as much education around the dog industry as I can, surrounding myself with Behaviourists and Trainers, and I go to various seminars thoughout the year for Dog Grooming and canine health. I am fully Pet First Aid trained. Nutrition fascinates me, and I own my own brand of Dog Food, McKinnells (check out 

I've owned the Dog Store (which originally was in Canterbury City Centre) since 2018 which served clients with expert knowledge and guidance on giving dogs their best life. 

How much?

My rates are £50 per day for up to 2 dogs. £25 per day for extra dogs (from midnight to midnight or as you need).  


I am available most of the year and very flexible.

If you're interested in learning more about my services or would like to discuss how I can help with your pet care needs, feel free to call 01227 456 195, email or whatsapp/text 07462101303.


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